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UncategorizedJanuary 08, 2020

Audition Hack: Cast All Of Your Off-Screen Characters

Make sure when you prepare for an audition, you make a really specific casting choice for whomever you’re supposed to be in the scene with. If the other character isn’t cast yet, choose someone that works for you in order to give your character strong point of view and the right emotional life.

I always either use someone from my real life or another actor that I’ve worked with who is a strong casting choice. You should avoid using famous actors that you don’t know personally, or just using an idea of a person. The whole point of this is to make your performance more specific and to ensure that you are emotionally affected by the other character in the scene.

The same goes for any other character that is mentioned in your scene. Make sure if another person is referenced, you have a made a choice about who is cast in that role that works for you. That way, when that character is mentioned in the scene, your point of view about them will come across, however subtle.

I recommend doing your casting first because it can really inform the rest of your preparation and help lead you to strong, specific choices right out of the gate.

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