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ABOUT US is an online coaching platform FOR ACTORS EVERYWHERE. You can schedule a live online private session with an acting coach, who can also record your side of the session which becomes a self-tape video file ready for submission to casting directors.

You don’t have to be in LA or NY to develop technique and hone your craft. Become a member to access our growing library of video acting lessons/tips/tricks and access our studio forum where you can ask the coach questions and participate in discussions with other members.

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One-on-One Coaching

Whether you’re preparing for an audition or an upcoming gig, or just want help from a coach to strengthen your technique, you can schedule a live video session with a coach to help make sure you’re doing your best work.

Record Your Self-tape

Book a session to do your audition with a reader (or a coach if you want help with performance too!) and have the session recorded to receive a video file with your self-tape to submit to casting directors.

Performance Feedback

Upload a self-tape audition or performance video to get feedback from the coach. Receive notes for adjustments or a coaching recommendation.

Virtual Classroom and Forum

Become a member and view our growing library of video acting lessons/tips/tricks and gain access to our message forum where you can ask the coach questions and enter discussions with other members.
Virtual Classroom is everything you need to take your acting to the next level.

The independent acting coach for actors everywhere!

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